Watch Microlectures on Cross Cultural Medicine

The US population is becoming increasingly diverse. About 25 million Americans have Limited English Proficiency. Eleven million are nonliterate in English. An estimated 93 million Americans have Basic or Below Basic Health Literacy. As medicine becomes more complex and specialized by the minute, the communication gulf between doctors and their patients is becoming progressively insurmountable.  In order for us to provide quality care for all Americans, we need  to become skilled in providing culturally effective care. The Stanford Cross Cultural Medicine Microlecture Series is a series of very short talks ( 2 minutes each typically), which aims to highlight key issues in cross-cultural encounters.

We are the first to acknowledge how complex and challenging this topic is. Thus we seek to share our experiences and insights gained from clinical practice and research about this important issue, more as a starting point rather than as a “gold standard” . The series was created after in-depth discussions with over 40 multi-lingual medical interpreters. Our hope is that trainees and health personnel everywhere will use our microlecture series as a tool to pause and reflect about their own practice.


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