Hospice Care vs. Palliative Care


What is Hospice?

Is hospice a place?

Hospice is not a place…

…but a philosophy of care.

This philosophy affirms life and exists to provide support and care for terminally ill persons with the aim of alleviating suffering and augmenting quality of life.

Hospice programs emphasize care at home whether in an individual home or in a supportive care residence.

Home hospice care is provided by an agency consisting of multi-disciplinary providers (nursing, physicians, social work, chaplaincy, dietician, volunteers) that enrolls terminally ill patients into their program. Hospice workers then make regular house calls (in the patient’s home or supportive care residence) and assess the symptoms and create a plan of care. Hospice nurses connect with the terminally ill patient’s primary care physician and obtain the orders for the necessary medications to manage the patient’s symptoms.

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