Part 2: Deficits Remedied

The simulated case continues (deficits remedied):

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Dr. Scott: (smiling): “Good morning, James. I heard that you had a good night’s rest and that you are pain free. How are you feeling?”

Mr. Benton (angrily): “If you can’t do anything better than this, than you might as well just kill me. I don’t care that my pain is gone, I don’t care that the nausea and vomiting are gone. If I’m spending the rest of my time lying in this bed, you might as well just kill me.”

Both Dr. Scott and Nurse Betty Roberts sit down at the patient’s bedside.

Nurse Betty Roberts (asks with great concern): “James, you seem to be very distressed. Please tell us what is bothering you.”

Mr. Benton (tearing up): “I am dying, am I not? You can tell me, you know. I can see my death reflected in your faces.”

Dr. Scott (holding Mr Benton’s hand): “James, it is true that you are very ill. But we are here to help you through these difficult times. Is there anything you’re hoping for?”

Mr. Benton (very thoughtfully): “Well, my wife. She’ll miss me when I’m gone. I wish I had time to feel closer to her.”


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