MED 51Q: Spring 2014 Class

Project presentations by Spring 2014 students at Stanford on June 2, 2014

Caregivers: Our Unsung Heroes by Emily Taing and Chris Chen

Many chronically and seriously ill Americans depend on their family members to provide care for them in their activities of daily living. Data show that the efficacy of caregiving is influenced by the attitude of the caregiver. Minimizing caregiver stress is vital in ensuring that the patient has the highest quality of life.The objective of this project was to learn more about the stresses and challenges experienced by family caregivers of patients with chronic and serious illnesses. Specifically we wanted to better understand how caregiver felt about their role in caring for their relative and also learn how to best help them in their role as caregivers.

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Death and Dying by Vivian Lam

Effective communication is a vital aspect of high quality medical care, especially in end-of-life situations. Too often are the wishes and preferences of the patient disregarded, unvoiced, or superseded by loved ones or physicians. The default plan of action is to rigorously fight illness with sophisticated technology and the voice of the patients is often lost in cacophony of wishes and voices of the various health care and family stakeholders involved in care. But we cannot deprive the patient of choice in the face of death—the patient must be given a chance to evaluate what they want, what they need, and all parties must respect these wishes. In my project, I completed a series of interviews of older adults in an institutional setting to better understand their values and preferences for end of life care.

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Palliative Care: A pediatric Perspective by Eden Hailemichael, Nicole Jackson, and Will Fowler

How do societal views of palliative care affect knowledge about it and how people would approach different situations unique to palliative care, and how that could be bettered through more conversation concerning the topic.This problem has a direct effect on the communication existing between physicians and patients and can ultimately impact health outcomes of patients. It’s also something everyone will inevitably go through, so the processes concerning end-of-life might as well be at the best level it can be.

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