MED 51Q: Palliative Medicine, Hospice and End of Life Care

Photo: Spring 2014 class

Spring 2014 class

MED 51Q: Palliative Medicine, Hospice and End of Life Care aims to introduce the student to the scientific principles of high quality care of all seriously ill Americans. We use the framework of promotion of holistic well-being in living as well as in dying. Students learn the scientific principles of Palliative Medicine, understand the differences between Palliative Care and Hospice Care and also be broadly exposed to the issues related death and dying in the US.

During each week in class, we focus on broad knowledge acquisition using immersive learning strategies. Weekly home work assignments include self study of key articles and the students write a report summarizing what they learned. The course culminates in a student designed, developed and implemented field project aimed at gaining a better understanding of the issues faced by seriously ill Americans and their families. In order to successfully graduate the course, students complete and submit a structured report as well as do a formal presentation on the last day of class.

Project presentations by Fall 2017 students at Stanford on December 4, 2017

History of Nursing Homes
by Joshua Kravitz


Impact of Emotions on Long-term Memory
by Amanda Powell


Scaling Personalized Dementia Care
by Caroline Zha


by Andrew Chun


Supporting the patient and the caregiver: showing compassion towards patients with cognitive impairment While reducing caregiver stress
by Nina Wagner


Delirium, Dementia, and Depression
by Madison Fish


Depression in Long Term Care Residents
by Jana Kholy


Stroke Trajectory
by Kassidy Kanja


Head injury and Cognitive functions
by John Rees


Maintaining Sharp Minds: Stimulating Mentally Intact Patients with Physical Debilitation
by Julia Tanzo


Intergenerational Compassion: Effects of Child-Elderly Interaction
by Laura Jonsson


Disparities in End-of-Life Care for Low- Income Patients and Immigrants
by Avery Muniz


Veterans and End of Life Care
by Justin Wilck


Student Presentations from Previous Classes:

Project presentations by Fall/Winter 2016-17 students at Stanford on December 12, 2016

Project presentations by Spring 2015 students at Stanford on June 1, 2015

Project presentations by Spring 2014 students at Stanford on June 2, 2014


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