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Finding a Home Hospice

Urban and suburban areas are usually served by a number of home hospices. If looking for a home hospice out of your local area, the best way to find one is on the Internet. Go to the home page for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). Link to “Find a Provider”. Enter the state and county or city you are looking for, and see listed local hospices.

Reimbursement for Home Visits

Sadly, home visits to sick and dying patients by physicians are rare events these days. Many patients admitted to hospice never see their physician again. While a home visit is time-consuming relative to an office visit, it can be rewarding for physician, patient, and family. And… the physician bill for the visit under Medicare Part B, for those patients with coverage.

Medicare Reimbursement

Medicare Part B allows physicians to bill for home visits. This is true for both those patients enrolled in a hospice through their Medicare Part A or for any home confined patient.
For initial home visits use Evaluation/Management Codes 99341-99345 (based on time of 20-75 minutes).
For follow-up for established patients use Evaluation and Management Codes 99347-99349 (15, 25, 40 minute visits).
Unlike the use of E/M codes in the hospital, for home care only the time actually spent working with the patient can be counted for coding. In using E/M codes, more than 50% of the time spent with the patient should be used counseling and/or giving information.
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