DNR Paperwork

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Paperwork

All patients (in the state of California) who do not want resuscitation at home should complete a CMA DNR form. (Can be ordered from the CMA website through their bookstore CMA End-of-Life Bookstore Page. This form, which requires the signature of a physician and the patient (or designated surrogate) (no witnesses or notaries needed). It is best kept in a vial (often called the “vial of life” in the refrigerator door, a place where most paramedics know to look.

It is worth considering — how often do you have inpatients who have had a DNR status while in the hospital who you discharge without this form? Effectively, all such patients become FULL CODE patients, regardless of their wishes (if 911 is called) – unless they have this form. This form should be available on all wards and in all clinics.

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