Home death of non-hospice patient

When Non-hospice Patients Die at Home

The situation may arise where hospice has not been called in and where the patient wants to die at home (without undergoing CPR by paramedics on the way to the hospital for pronouncement in the ER).

While this is possible, it is not easy.

County coroners have somewhat different rules, but generally the following apply:

1) A patient dying at home needs to be pronounced by one of the following:

  • An RN/Hospice Nurse
  • A physician
  • A police officer
  • A paramedic
  • A medical examiner from the coroner’s office

2) All sudden and or suspicious deaths must be reported to the coroner ‘s office. (When in doubt, report it). In case of anticipated home death of terminally ill patients not on hospice care, the coroner’s office, being assured of the circumstances of the death and propriety of pronouncement will then give a release number.

3) Once a release number has been given (if required) the body can be picked up by a funeral home.


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