Caregiver at Home

Hospices may refuse to admit a patient if there is inadequate support at home to provide care. Hospice was developed to assist families to care for patients, not to provide 24-hour, around-the-clock care at home. Hospices vary in their willingness to care for patients with limited home support.

If caregiver support in the home appears to be limited, the hospice social worker can work with the patient and family to make contingency plans. Care in the home can be augmented when needed or the patient might be moved to a residential setting like hospice home or nursing home when home care is no longer feasible. It is imperative that the home have a phone and other basic utilities so that care can be provided in that setting.

Social Services may need to assist family with making arrangements so that the home can support the home hospice services. However, it is important for medical providers and home hospice workers to understand that many patient and family members will prefer home care even if the location seems undesirable from a middle class point of view.

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