Scenario 2

Mr. Stanton and Dr. Wiseman: Scenario Two

Now view the following simulated case on video, paying attention to the interactions and effectiveness of communication among the physician, the patient and the patient’s family.

What would you do differently?

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Effective Trigger Questions

  1. What is your understanding of your illness process? Or What is your understanding of what is happening to you?
  2. You have always been a very active person. How are you coping with your illness?
  3. You have adamantly refused to go to the ICU. Can you please explain why this is so?
  4. Do you have a social support network?
  5. Do you have a faith community that you rely on?
  6. Are you worried about what is to come during this hospitalization?
  7. You have been through a lot. How are you feeling?
  8. I am here to support you. Is there anything else that I can help with?
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